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baby S Class

Posted Date : 29 Jun, 2018

Two years on and with a World Car of the Year title behind it, there is no question that Mercedes has found the right formula to take on the competition. Widely described as a ‘baby S-Class’, the W205 is further demonstration of Mercedes-Benz’s impressive return to form in building vehicles of absurdly good quality. Recently, entrance to the C-Class owners’ club has been widened with the introduction of the C 180, a new entry-level model to the range. In this review, we find out if...

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The Volkswagen Beetle

Posted Date : 28 Jun, 2018

The Beetle was indeed the result of Adolf Hitler's plan to build a reliable car that hard-working German families could afford. He met with car designer Ferdinand Porsche in 1935 to set his plan into motion. ... Hitler spotted Ganz's car at a show in 1933, and the key elements of its design ended up in the Volkswagen....

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